3 Tips To Get That Job Hunting Moving

Think of that job hunting as hustling to get a business. To get the
business, you need to do a few things such as business development, sales
pitch, understanding the market segment and develop a sense of direction to grab that opportunity.

Now, similarly job hunting needs a strategy. The core of this strategy is:

1.     be consistent

2.     be disciplined

3.     be focused

4.     network like mad

No amount of external push can make you to do all of these, unless you want to. If you KNOW that you are drawn to time-stealers, get out from it fast. Dedicating even a one hour daily to re focus on the job search is equivalent of couch surfing on world news. Know what is your best time to do this. Some prefers early mornings and some, in the evening. Have your tea/coffee and munchies. Set that one hour, and just things moving.

I promise you, if you do this, things will start to change.


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