1 Probable Reason Why People Do Not Approve Your LI Request To Connect.

You saw someone on LinkedIn that you wanted to connect.

You send the LinkedIn request including a short message and waited, but nothing happened.

And, you wondered why. After all, you have good credentials in your profile. Your profile image looks professional and nothing creepy in the summary.

But, wait!

Have you checked your setting to make sure all the relevant credentials are enabled so that potential connections could see them? Could it be possibly that they cannot see anything relevant and because of this, your request to connect are not approved?

First, if you still haven’t dig around your LinkedIn setting, you can start doing so to explore to see what this platform can do for you.

Go to your Account–>Privacy & Setting. Click on that tab.

Go to —> Privacy

It will take you to a site such as below. Check the setting on “edit your public profile”. See the right side that says “change”? Click that one.

Next, you need to make sure that you allow just enough info on your profile to intrigue potential connections. I call it “the peek-a-boo” stage, meaning enough info for people to ask to see more.

Ok, I do have some warped sense of humor..

After you click “change”, you will be routed to a page as per below. You see the buttons at the right side including –>Your profile’s public visibility? Switch it to “ON”. The basic stuff such as name etc are required. Yes, name is required, otherwise no point being here.

Next, decide how would you want people to view your profile. My suggestion is, if you are on a job market and want people to connect and engage with you with higher level of trust, click on –>All LinkedIn Members”. Then decide what other info you want to share. As you play around with the setting and making all these changes, you will also see the content on the left changes too.

Trust me, if this your first time discovering this page, you’d go, “OMG! This is EXCITING!”

Try these little changes and see what comes back as the result of little tweaking?

You are welcome.


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