Gig Economy

In the early 1990’s, I started my own company because I lost my job after being retrenched. My (then) husband was working long hours at the bank. With a small child, a mortgage, our financial outlook was not that well. A few years later, it grew from a humble RM2 company to a 5 vertical company with solutions ranging from manpower outsourcing to industrial kitchen supplies to tableware manufacturing.

With about 3,000 over people working for the company all over Malaysia – from waiting tables, cooking in the kitchen, managing event booths, I think we had lived through “the gig economy” phase before we knew what it was.

Almost all were either students, day workers, home moms/dads and they work from between 3 hours to 8 hours per day. They need the extra cash to pay tuition fees, room rentals, travelling money, grocery money, wedding money…I am sure they are just like everyone else who would want to rest after a long day, or lavish their families with one income.

Alas, the reality is not exactly that. I have much respect to those who take part in this. They are responsible people who does what needs to be done. Grit, tenacity, will power, resilience. Add in integrity and great attitude, this person is a keeper.

Have you done gigs before..?



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