Career Management Services

Meeting, Business, Architect, Office

For individual clients:

I help you to clarify work and individual values, provide guidance in your personal branding, support in your personal and professional goals using several unique customized approaches and tools. My approach – empathetic, focused, goal-oriented.

Contact me for personalized individual or group programs. Available hourly or package rate.


For corporate clients:

My team and I will help you by providing end-to-end support in aligning your talents’ motivations and skills towards organizational mission.

“Research shows that there are correlations between employers who are supportive of their talents to organizational success”.

Explore how can we partner with you on your talent initiatives in the following areas:

  1. Career conversations/career coaching
  2. Interview preparations
  3. LinkedIn profile review
  4. Resume writing coaching and guidance
  5. Cover letter writing
  6. Psychometric assessment
  7. Building up individual personal branding
  8. TVET and entrepreneurial career conversation
  9. Holistic career transition services – IR support, career management, mental health and financial planning support