Peluang melanjutkan pelajaran selepas SPM DI KOLEJ POLY-TECH MARA peringkat DIPLOMA & IJAZAH

Peluang melanjutkan pelajaran selepas SPM DI KOLEJ POLY-TECH MARA peringkat DIPLOMA & IJAZAH seluruh negara bagi kemasukan APRIL, JULAI, NOV 2020.

1)Kolej anak syarikat MARA
2)Pinjaman MARA & PTPTN disediakan kpd yg LAYAK
3)Minimum 3 kredit (program teknikal Matematik kredit) 
4)Tempat kondusif dan strategik
5)Asrama disediakan
6)Tidak perlu no pin

2)Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak
5)Business Management
6)Tourism Management
7)Agro Technology
9)Human resources
10)Computer system 
12)Sports Science


Tempat adalah terhad!
Jika berminat sila hubungi…
Call/Whatsapp 0132526119 (Puan Che Haslina)/

<>NO Hp
<>3 pilihan program

Gig Economy

In the early 1990’s, I started my own company because I lost my job after being retrenched. My (then) husband was working long hours at the bank. With a small child, a mortgage, our financial outlook was not that well. A few years later, it grew from a humble RM2 company to a 5 vertical company with solutions ranging from manpower outsourcing to industrial kitchen supplies to tableware manufacturing.

With about 3,000 over people working for the company all over Malaysia – from waiting tables, cooking in the kitchen, managing event booths, I think we had lived through “the gig economy” phase before we knew what it was.

Almost all were either students, day workers, home moms/dads and they work from between 3 hours to 8 hours per day. They need the extra cash to pay tuition fees, room rentals, travelling money, grocery money, wedding money…I am sure they are just like everyone else who would want to rest after a long day, or lavish their families with one income.

Alas, the reality is not exactly that. I have much respect to those who take part in this. They are responsible people who does what needs to be done. Grit, tenacity, will power, resilience. Add in integrity and great attitude, this person is a keeper.

Have you done gigs before..?



Workshop Kerjaya. Nak join ke?


Baru-baru ni ada beberapa client baru saya merungut hantar profile kat syarikat, tapi respond pun takde. Jadi saya pun mintaklah copy cover letter dan/atau cover email, dan juga salinan resume untuk saya tengok…

Pada pendapat saya, ada beberapa kemusykilan yang saya nampak:

1) cover letter/cover email tak padu

2) English TERUK GILER. Spelling nama jawatan pun ada salah (ni sebab tak detail oriented, kerja orang nak cepat)

3) resume masih old skool, guna font dan layout yang kurang menarik. 4) masih lagi guna konsep “hantar lepas tu kita doa banyak-banyak”

5) LI profile kata ada, tapi sebenarnya ada buat syarat ajer…

Problem kan? Kalau ada jalan nak tangani ni semua, nak ke? 4 jam jer investment time you. Kalau tak berusaha, tak tau kan? tapi kena lah berusaha dapat ilmu yang betul.

Nak ke?

Komen “nak” kat bawah.

Saya yang berusaha


Story telling in career conversations.

In my workshop, “Life Journey Options” participants will walk through their “journey options” via drawing, narrative and story telling. A highly interactive session, they will explore possibilities of what the future might hold for them.

For thousands of years, human beings have used drawing and story telling to share knowledge and tell stories of themselves or others. I find that in career conversations, they are able to relate their past experiences, identify possible actionable items, successes, articulate gaps, learnt lessons, potential derailers and the most important part – their career journey.

A powerful approach to an individual’s career management, I have used this to: 
1) re-positioning a C-Suite from his corporate life to now an entrepreneur (finding his passion after being MSS-sed)
2) identify possible symptoms of sitting on a dyslexia spectrum for a junior manager (he struggles with his job)
3) support job search of a client who has specific niche skills and experience in O&G (she landed a fantastic job with above market salary).

I only have limited five (5) slots between now to end of the month. Please DM me for a confidential discussion.

To your career success
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6 Things You Need To Know About The Future of Work

Taken from “Humans Wanted” content, the article talks about the fear of AI and the possibility of job disruption caused by technology and automation. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) had conducted an in depth of the Canadian workforce.

“....four million Canadian youth entering the workforce over the next decade are going to need a foundation of skills that sets them up for many different jobs and roles rather than a single career path. They will need a portfolio of human skills such as critical thinking, social perceptiveness, and complex problem solving to remain competitive and resilient in the labour market.”

Eventhough the report was Canadian youth-centric, I believe it may also be applicable to Malaysian youths.

Here are the 6 things you need to know about the future of work.

  • Analytics are trending
  • Math is a big plus
  • Firms want flexibility
  • Digital is no-negiotiable
  • The three C’s are crucial
  • Mobility is a thing

(excerpt from Humans Wanted. Full reading here)

1 Probable Reason Why People Do Not Approve Your LI Request To Connect.

You saw someone on LinkedIn that you wanted to connect.

You send the LinkedIn request including a short message and waited, but nothing happened.

And, you wondered why. After all, you have good credentials in your profile. Your profile image looks professional and nothing creepy in the summary.

But, wait!

Have you checked your setting to make sure all the relevant credentials are enabled so that potential connections could see them? Could it be possibly that they cannot see anything relevant and because of this, your request to connect are not approved?

First, if you still haven’t dig around your LinkedIn setting, you can start doing so to explore to see what this platform can do for you.

Go to your Account–>Privacy & Setting. Click on that tab.

Go to —> Privacy

It will take you to a site such as below. Check the setting on “edit your public profile”. See the right side that says “change”? Click that one.

Next, you need to make sure that you allow just enough info on your profile to intrigue potential connections. I call it “the peek-a-boo” stage, meaning enough info for people to ask to see more.

Ok, I do have some warped sense of humor..

After you click “change”, you will be routed to a page as per below. You see the buttons at the right side including –>Your profile’s public visibility? Switch it to “ON”. The basic stuff such as name etc are required. Yes, name is required, otherwise no point being here.

Next, decide how would you want people to view your profile. My suggestion is, if you are on a job market and want people to connect and engage with you with higher level of trust, click on –>All LinkedIn Members”. Then decide what other info you want to share. As you play around with the setting and making all these changes, you will also see the content on the left changes too.

Trust me, if this your first time discovering this page, you’d go, “OMG! This is EXCITING!”

Try these little changes and see what comes back as the result of little tweaking?

You are welcome.


3 Tips To Get That Job Hunting Moving

Think of that job hunting as hustling to get a business. To get the
business, you need to do a few things such as business development, sales
pitch, understanding the market segment and develop a sense of direction to grab that opportunity.

Now, similarly job hunting needs a strategy. The core of this strategy is:

1.     be consistent

2.     be disciplined

3.     be focused

4.     network like mad

No amount of external push can make you to do all of these, unless you want to. If you KNOW that you are drawn to time-stealers, get out from it fast. Dedicating even a one hour daily to re focus on the job search is equivalent of couch surfing on world news. Know what is your best time to do this. Some prefers early mornings and some, in the evening. Have your tea/coffee and munchies. Set that one hour, and just things moving.

I promise you, if you do this, things will start to change.


PLF Means Family and Continuous Learning

Started off 1119 with a room full of energetic and sponge-absorbing group from Professional Learning Facilitators. Thanking my fellow hashtag#topvoicesmalaysia buddy, Mohd Rizal Hassan and his lovely other half, Rohaya Abd Rani for the invitation to speak on a subject which is close to my heart – branding.

Other fellow TVM-ers Azleen Abdul Rahim and Rayyan Irwan were there too to present engaging their subjects in online marketing and engagement respectively. Syed Mohammed Idid spoke on crisis communication.

Congratulations again, you both on and hashtag#PLFPerdana , the launch of your books and all the best to #hashtag#PLF family!

The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on What We Set Out to Do (And What to Do About It)

The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on What We Set Out to Do (And What to Do About It)

By the summer of 1830, Victor Hugo was facing an impossible deadline. Twelve months earlier, the famous French author had made an agreement with his publisher that he would write a new book titled, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Instead of writing the book, Hugo spent the next year pursuing other projects, entertaining guests, and delaying his work on the text. Hugo’s publisher had become frustrated by his repeated procrastination and responded by setting a formidable deadline. The publisher demanded that Hugo finish the book by February of 1831—less than 6 months away.

Hugo developed a plan to beat his procrastination. He collected all of his clothes, removed them from his chambers, and locked them away. He was left with nothing to wear except a large shawl. Lacking any suitable clothing to go outdoors, Hugo was no longer tempted to leave the house and get distracted. Staying inside and writing was his only option. [1]

The strategy worked. Hugo remained in his study each day and wrote furiously during the fall and winter of 1830. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was published two weeks early on January 14, 1831.
The Ancient Problem of Akrasia

Human beings have been procrastinating for centuries. Even prolific artists like Victor Hugo are not immune to the distractions of daily life. The problem is so timeless, in fact, that ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle developed a word to describe this type of behavior: Akrasia.

Akrasia is the state of acting against your better judgment. It is when you do one thing even though you know you should do something else. Loosely translated, you could say that akrasia is procrastination or a lack of self-control. Akrasia is what prevents you from following through on what you set out to do.

Why would Victor Hugo commit to writing a book and then put it off for over a year? Why do we make plans, set deadlines, and commit to goals, but then fail to follow through on them?

Why We Make Plans, But Don’t Take Action

One explanation for why akrasia rules our lives and procrastination pulls us in has to do with a behavioral economics term called “time inconsistency.” Time Inconsistency refers to the tendency of the human brain to value immediate rewards more highly than future rewards.

When you make plans for yourself — like setting a goal to lose weight or write a book or learn a language — you are actually making plans for your future self. You are envisioning what you want your life to be like in the future and when you think about the future it is easy for your brain to see the value in taking actions with long-term benefits.

When the time comes to make a decision, however, you are no longer making a choice for your future self. Now you are in the moment and your brain is thinking about the present self. And researchers have discovered that the present self really likes instant gratification, not long-term payoff. This is one reason why you might go to bed feeling motivated to make a change in your life, but when you wake up you find yourself falling into old patterns. Your brain values long-term benefits when they are in the future, but it values immediate gratification when it comes to the present moment.

This is one reason why the ability to delay gratification is such a great predictor of success in life. Understanding how to resist the pull of instant gratification—at least occasionally, if not consistently—can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Credit goes to Thanking my friend, Harvindar for sharing this piece of gem.

How I Learnt The Hard Way about Personal Branding Gone Wrong

When George and I started Dragonfire Academy late last 2017, there were so much plans and ideas that they make us giddy. Then with the physical academy took shape, we were so happy that we dived straight into building the new business. Dragonfire Academy in concept, was supposed to be addressing the niche market of lifelong learning needs of adults. With a chockeful of activities filling up its calendar, we had some really memorable events and training sessions took place in house.

Some, were unfortunately, were bleaaggh…

But, not too soon after that, my clients started to ask me what exactly that I do? In my mind, I had no issue in separating the work that I do vs the work that academy. To me, they are all inter mingled all together that makes perfect sense.

Obviously, this was not case.

My clients were confused.

Client engagements started to dwindle. My career coaching sessions took a plunge and I was left confused.

Where did I go wrong?


Here are 3 things that I learnt, the hard way, when building a personal positioning:

  • Think of your strength, what you do best and what values they bring to your clients. When your clients understand what you do, the world will be a happy place again.  “From a marketing perspective, positioning is the space you want to occupy in your customers’ minds when they think about your brand.”
  • Your personal brand is YOU. Your uniqueness comes from a well thought of strategy, your whole being. It will happen with or without your input. Think it through, design it, claim it. The rest will follow.
  • Just like business brands, support your story online and offline. Do your colleagues “see” the same you? Does the world sees you the same as your colleagues?


To your career success


HRDC18 13th & 14th November 2018

The MEGA dual HRDC18.

Have you register yet for this incredible double blockbuster on the 13th & 14th November 2018, all happening at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

  • 30+ Speaker line up
  • Covering most of HR issues in the Nation but not limited to Global Cases
  • 20 Sessions -1 Networking platform
  • 2 Conferences and 4 Workshops

Meet all the top profiles across the industries.

Come and meet me too!

Registration: Contact details: T: +603 8655 9210 E: See you there!

Sometimes as leaders, we are oblivious.

A few years ago, my team and I was working on a 6 months project on-site. The client, a dream client really, being a property developer for the past 35 years is generous, having to cater daily free lunch for their people.

Employee engagement is superb. No one wants to leave. Attrition rate is negligible and that is because someone dies, which is not often.

When they first started, the MD sat where everyone was. 12 years later, they built their own grand building where MD now sits in the penthouse. He lamented at how the staff hardly say hi to him anymore. No one came up for coffee as well.

He felt…abandoned and forgotten.

So, one day just after lunch, Mr MD and I walked to the double escalators. One for staff, the other an executive lift that goes straight to the penthouse. I suggested him to use the same lift as everyone else does. He can continue to do so daily until he does not feel abandoned/forgotten. And only then, switch to his executive escalator.

The coffee thing?

That was fixed as well. Every Monday morning everyone is invited for quick breakfast with him at the penthouse.

All that was needed, was a courageous third eye for perspectives.



Managing Mental Wellness During Transition Time

Value-added support services.

Meeting up with Dr Azlina Wati, Clinical psychologist at the beautiful UITM Private Specialist Centre, Sg. Buloh. With many activities surrounding career transition in the current climate, I have included mental wellness support as part of the career management services.

We now have access to a team of highly qualified psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors to work with individual clients and corporate companies in this realm. DM me for a confidential chat on this services.

This support system should not be seen as derogatory or that “one has mental illness”. We need to love ourselves by taking care of our mental faculty, just like how we take care of our diet so our body functions optimally.


Diversity and Inclusion

Family Love Rainbow Boy Child Chromatic Co

Much has been said about diversity and inclusion and yet many of my individual clients are facing rejection upon rejection based on the information requested from them that contributed to these barriers.

Malaysia is a land of diversity but not many organizations are practicing or embracing this as a culture.

Consider these:

  • Job advertisements are still calling for certain races, age or qualifications instead of focusing on success factors
  • Job application forms are worse. It even ask applicants to declare past salaries, race and other sensitive information.
  • Knowledge of resume format is not common.
  • Ageism is real and so is being a differently-abled person.

And, what is it about declaring certain candidates as “over qualified”?

Read on diversity and inclusion by JoshBersin here.

Using Tools As A Conversation Base

Sometimes I would recommend a tool as a base to the career conversation. It helps to understand why one makes certain decisions – is it an internal, or external push?

A long-term favourite tool is Emergenetics. The Emergenetics® Profile was developed to distinctly measure how people think and behave. This will create self-awareness and by working with the knowledge of how one thinks and behaves, the communication is improved. This also affects how one looks at his or her resume – some would throw in a kaleidoscope of colours into the resume, whereas there are others who would stick to narratives without thinking much at the aesthetic values of the document.

I have used Emergenetics for:

  1. creating team dynamics in existing or new team
  2. leadership coaching on how to provide feedback in a positive way
  3. managing effective meetings
  4. creating a mindful work environment by harnessing strengths
  5. positive career conversations

Let me know if you are interested to find out how you can leverage on this powerful tool. Email to

More reading on Emergenetics can be found here.

What Not to Write On Your LinkedIn Banner

Unhappy with your current employer and in search of new opportunities?

Change your LinkedIn headline to reflect what you are bringing to the table and what it means to others who want to hire you . It is a bit more of a title that you carry right now.

Do not write:

1) desperately looking for a job

2) you got a job for me?

3) exploring for new opportunities

4) kuli (coolie or a slave) —–>> God, yes I saw this a few days ago! 5) or no banner at all

This way, you are keeping the search in a professional way, seen as having work ethics and integrity. It also help your profile to look professional. Do not forget to update your profile!

Do not leave the banner empty as well. It is like opening up a shop and no signboard. It is also like a headline in newspaper. You read a certain content because of the headline, yes?

To your career success




In every facilitation session, the first few sentences I said to my participants are words of “thank you for being here”. That’s a good start to every learning. Half of the battle is won by “being here”.

We sometimes have prejudice against every thing that we do not know about, people we have never interacted, food we have never eaten yet, places we only read about, tasks we have never done, jobs we have never experienced, stories we have yet to hear.

Change comes from within.

We can only control ourselves, not others.

Cliché? Yes, but it is the truth.

  • As a manager, have we done enough to support our team members, surfacing out the best in them, by understanding more what is not said, but demonstrated?
  • As a recruiter, have we done enough to help our clients and candidates to find that perfect match by asking more questions?
  • As a job seeker, have we explored other potential areas, and reaching out for help?
  • As a networker on business platforms like hashtaglinkedin, have we done our part to help support our friends within the network?
  • As an individual, do we keep sharpening our saws?


To your career success


Merdeka Flash Promo – RM61.00 for a 45 minute virtual career conversation

45-minutes virtual career conversation.

I am feeling patriotic and generous today. To celebrate Malaysia’s 61st Merdeka Day, I am offering a flash promo of 45-minute career conversation + career values assessment at only RM61.00 (valued at RM190).

Offer valid in Malaysia only from now till 31st August 2018. Offer closes Wednesday, 15th August 2018, 10.00 am.

Book your slot here. or DM me.


To your career success


Tips on how to detect fake/scam profile

For every social/business platform, these lowlifes will find it.

I came up with this tips after spending some research, interacting and conducting private workshops on scammers since 2012. This post is dedicated to my young network who have been buzzing me with questions on how to detect fake profile. There is no hard and fast rule, some LinkedIn users are just not sure how to manage their profiles, and they might end up with empty profiles or saying the wrong thing during interaction. That is the caveat.

Always trust your gut feels when there are red flags.

1) Profile picture looks photoshop-ed. Too good looking and with a heart tugging theme – a great looking picture with a child, a dog, a cat.

2) They quickly request for an off-line chat

3) For some strange reasons, most scammers work as an engineer in oil and gas company (and don’t know what is upstream or downstream, or spell engineer). Some state they work for banks and is not aware that Citibank has rebranded to Citi years ago

4) Misspelling, bad grammar – ‘I work as a Lutnen Conel”.

5) They ask you what you do you do when your profile is pretty clear on that

6) They ask for money.


Happy networking, peeps!


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This Post Belongs To Facebok, Not LinkedIn

“I hate my previous job. The boss shouts at me all the time. He allows his blue-eyed boy to come in late and gets great performance review every year. I hate it so much that I resigned. I wish I will get a better job than this crap. And I don’t care what other people say.”

This kind of posting has its place in Facebook, not in LinkedIn. And, you better lock down your profile as well and pray that potential hiring managers or future bosses do not discover your feed.

Still don’t give a sh*t?

Think again.

Unless you plan to retire and live like a hermit with plenty of resources to live on, your postings on social media will be there forever. In fact, your questionable posts and pictures might last longer than you are. Future employers will think twice about hiring you. Behaviour like that are not tolerated. If you had posted something unprofessional like that, chances are, you might do it again.


Pick your battle venue.



To your career success


Mental Health

Do you know that 1 in every 3 adults in Malaysia is struggling with mental health? *

Imagine there are 3 of you sitting in a room. The likeliest that one of YOU is suffering from this condition is so real that it is no longer a joke.

Mental health, just like it’s nasty friend, The Big C, robs you of time, family, productivity, and self.

Why am I on this topic today?  Interestingly, in my daily dealings with my clients who are looking for career management services, I met so many who need that extra support. To be exact, 5 of them within the past 2 months. Conditions like this, go unnoticed, and when it comes, it might be too late.

Due to experience, I may have picked up the signs and red flags, and have to make sure they are being supported medically to be productive again. Sometimes, I have to decline a job so the client can get better first. Without that support, there is only so much that a career coaching can do.

I am now looking to have a conversation with potential collaborators on mental wellness, preferably in the non profit or governmental space. DM me.

To your career success




Original post appeared in LinkedIn. 

Digital Career Comeback

My good buddy, Sangeeta Kaur the CEO of Emerging Journey Asia had organized a Digital Career Comeback event yesterday, 3oth June 2018 at her lovely office.

The idea is to get some interesting discussions going on revolving using digital on raising your profile and the end game is to look for a job.

I shared tips on:

  1. resume writing
  2. ATS (applicant tracking system)
  3. Personal branding using LinkedIn, and
  4. networking strategy

Our good friend, Alita Abdullah the Digital Strategist shared on how to use the digital to raise your profile in this digital-infused world.

Fantastic engagements with attendees as we were busy fielding questions left and right.


More on:

Emerging Journey Asia

S&A Advanced Solutions plt

Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd

Rightsizing – making the right steps

Right sizing has never been easy, and not everyone is trained to manage this exercise.

How do you manage right sizing, doing it the right way, still supporting the existence of a business, and its transiting people humanely?

Remember, folks. What can happen to others might happen to you too.

For this, I have roped in my old work colleague who is an IR expert and together we would like to share some insights on this particular topic.

Catch us:

10th July 2018. 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Venue TBA but it will be either in KL or PJ. The investment is only RM88/pax.

Hope to see you there.



3 phases of job search

That’s the total job search phases one will go through, #Haniesays

1) Phase 1, ideal phase – where there is no rush, still on holiday mode, cost of living is at optimum 6 months. Looking at all best/ideal job criteria, pays RM12 for morning latte

2) Phase 2, worrying phase – starts looking at job boards, talking to head hunters and friends, cost of living covers about 2-3 months. Striking out top 3 work values, pays RM6.50 for kopi

3) Phase 3, do or die – talks to everyone, have coffee at home.

Which phase are you at? Trust me, I have gone through all 3 phases.


#careerconversations # Haniesays #elephantintheroom

Career conversations

If you are:

  • About to be VSS-ed/Retrenched/Affected by downsizing/ In transition
  • Just want to know why you’ve been jumping jobs..
  • And you need support in resume and LinkedIn profile review
  • Preparing you for interviews
  • Building your network
  • Finding clarity in this chaos….

Contact me. Full service rate card available.

Not everything is about money, and manners does not take much

In my course of work, there are many who request for a free resume feedback. I have no issue with that. After all, what is a short review and providing feedback to those who are in need? You have a need, I have the skills and insight, and we go to work.

But, here is the thing.

To earn the trust of other professionals who actually earn their bread and butter through such services, you need to remember that you are using his or her time, skills, experience and insights that have been culminated over the years. That “short review” is an accumulation of all these.

Here are my top 3 tips on how to work with career management professionals:

1) Be respectful, be mindful – do not demand for their time especially when you INTENT to get it for FREE.

2) Some services are on gratis. Say, 20 minutes to discuss on interview jitters. But there is a difference between short review and insisting that your resume be shared within the network.

3) Say thank you and provide an update or two after you have used their services. It is basic manners.  That is the simplest barter trade, and fair. Don’t you think?

To your career success.


Plan B and preparing for that Exit Day

Last week there were announcements that several agencies and companies are wrapping up for business. Some have been affected by right sizing. They were only given one month notice. I have experienced all these before and the memories still give me nightmares.

5 tips to handle all these uncertainties:

1) Get your work affairs in order and professionally. Complete your tasks. Do not simply leave with bad tastes and burn the bridge. Malaysia is not exactly a big country.

2) Start reviewing your options in hand, update your resume and look at your network

3) Do not forget to have a #courageousconversation with the spouse and family members. This is not just about you, but them as well.

4) Plan all of your financials carefully especially with the prospect of receiving compensations.

5) And this is IMPORTANT, be ready to review your lifestyle

. #networking #resume #compensation #options #Haniesays #careerconversationswithHRB

Stay strong, my friends.


Why candidates need to research on their next employers

He left his job for another. Better pay, better position and he became an expat in a foreign land. He was eager to leave the last company due to so many reasons. Two offers came in. He took the one that looked like promising. His misstep? 3 weeks into the job, he discovered unethical practices within the company. The entire place reeks with toxicity.

As much as employment due diligence is often done by employers to manage recruiting and onboarding costs, it is also crucial for candidates to research on their future employers. The last thing you want to do is to accept the first offer that you received and finding yourself in a contract with no exit clause.

Here are 4 great sites I am recommending you to use:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Glassdoor
  3. Facebook page
  4. Google

Check out their online presence, see how active they are engaging their crowd, is there anything that raises alarms, read what current and past employees are saying? Look out for news on retrenchments, court cases, health issues, ill reputations of leadership and management etc.

To your career success


FB: career conversations #Haniesays #careerconversations

A Lesson from building a house

Being a business owner for SME is tricky.

The production line needs to move so that it will churn out products. Your employees keep on quitting on you and you just cannot seem to find anyone to come and work for your company. After all, you do provide the basics – basic pay, basic annual and SOCSO. The average line managers’ salary is RM2,500.00. You do take in the occasional Management Trainee so that there is someone at the reception table to answer phone calls and do all the other administrative works. The factory is located far away from the main road but it is a cheap rental. So far none of the employees has a complaint about having to travel the distance.

You want to expand your business but it takes too much time to call those people at the ministries, relevant departments and even to go for any networking sessions with the peers in the industry.

All you want to do is to produce more, sell more and earn more profits. Most of the time you find yourself doing all the firefighting and ended up dejected. You are always “too busy” to take a look at the company and try to improvise.

And you still wonder why your staff turnover is at an all-time high of 50% and no one wants to work for you?

As the title suggests, let’s take a look at what kind of lessons we can learn from building a house.

It is likened to building a house from scratch where you first need to think of what kind of a house are you going to build. Next comes to the type of material, who are your contractors, how long will the house be ready for, location, costs to build this house and so forth. Once the house is ready, you will want to decorate it with all the furnishings, furniture and fittings so that the house will be a home.

A business is like a house where you need to put up the basic structure or otherwise your contractor will not be able to “read” your mind. His understanding of the size of the dream pool you have in mind may not even come close. The 4-seater dining table will serve its purpose – a dining table- but will not look good in a space suitable for 12.

Simple as that. Start with the structure. Sure, you will not see the immediate need as to why you need to lay down a foundation before slapping the mud to build the wall. But try it when the raining season comes and you will see the mud slides down and you are left with nothing.

Ok, so I am talking about a mud house but this concept is so primitive that even Mr Arg Arg from the Cave Era understood the basics so I really do not understand why a brilliant, postgraduate businessman in this 21st century has a zero understanding of this concept.

Look, dude, if you are always too busy, then maybe running a business is not suitable for you. Can’t have a reactive leader up there when there are so many things are at stake. Oh, besides that, do not be too cheapskate as to back peddle on what you have instructed your contractor to do cause nothing is free in this world.


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