How does it work?

They call me The Career Doctor.

I help clients bring clarity to their talent and career management challenges. Some might call this career coaching. Career conversations, goes deeper than just having a conversation on one’s career, but to also understand your key motivations, anchors and derailers.

So, what is Career Conversations?

Career Conversations are structured discussions between my client and me about their career – aspirations, challenges, how, where and when to get to each goal. It weaves between coaching, mentoring and counselling at the same time, applicable when it is needed. The discussions are done in a relax and friendly atmosphere. Sometimes, I will recommend that we use an assessment or psychometric tools to validate some discussions.

What does typical career conversations looks like?

We first started off by having a discussion on what the process looks like, what does it entail, goals, timeline and other details to manage each other’s expectations. We will also look at your resume, LinkedIn profile, networking strategy and network reach. Typically, this will take us about 2 hours, face-to-face. 

There will times when we have to have that “courageous conversations” where we need to address the big elephant in the room. The big elephant may come in a form of past experiences, spouses, family members, bosses or, self.

What else will you receive?

If you sign up for the full professional services, you will also receive a personalized e-welcome pack containing easy tips on:

  • understanding your work values and applying this to your career search
  • how to do goal setting
  • developing and managing work life balance
  • tips on job search resources
  • decision making flow and using this to further understand why you make decisions, and manage the process.


All conversations are confidential unless I think I may have to discuss a specific issue with another Subject Matter Experts. I will request for your permission before I do that.

Who is this for?

This service is open to fresh graduates and professionals alike. I welcome inquiries from organisations who are preparing their workforce for organizational changes such as outplacement and transition. (This will be GREAT for your company branding too).

Access to my network

One of the challenging parts in job search is building a credible network and getting access to hiring managers, business owners, head hunters and recruiters. A client will have access to all of my network where possible. All you need to do is ask. I will refer you where possible.

But, to have a great network will only work if you work on creating values to others as well!

I have a medical need….

Losing a job, death, divorce and other high-impact life events could potentially play havoc to one’s mental wellness. One is advised to inform this conditions – if you have any medical conditions such as clinically diagnosed depression, anxiety, hypertension, dyslexic, physical challenges and other conditions.

We have excellent access to a group of certified counselors, psychologists and psychotherapists to help you support in your journey to get better.

Rate card and testimonies

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To your career success