5 Tips Menggunakan LinkedIn Dengan Lebih Berkesan

So, kita dah register dengan LinkedIn. Tengok menunya macam ok lah, senang nak navigate.

Tapi, macam mana nak gunakan LinkedIn untuk menulis idea-idea kita? Kat bawah ni, saya tuliskan 5 tips untuk LinkedIn newbie:

  1. Sebelum kita request connection, karang sedikit ayat mengapa kita nak connect dengan orang tu. Contohnya – “Dear Hanie, I enjoyed reading your post on XYZ topic. May I request to connect with you?”
  2. Selepas dah connect tu, adab yang baik ialah untuk hantar ucapan terima kasih. Tak payah panjang berjela, “Thanks for approving the request to connect” sudah memadai. Tak ambik masa yang lama, kan?
  3. Sila check inbox korang tu. Jangan tak buka!
  4. Engage with the conversation – jangan jadi silent reader. Takde orang tau korang exist kalau senyap belakang tiang!
  5. Last sekali – have fun. Tulis idea-idea baru yang korang observe dan passionate about.


Senang kan?



How to Lose A Friend In 10 Minutes Or Less

Ever sit down with a friend who just started exploring coaching methodology and in a blink of an eye, you became the unwilling participant in the session, and you had to stop it before it gets to a damaging level?

Build rapport

Developing trust needs a lot of work and part of the work is to build rapport. Building rapport creates trust. And trust, is the basic foundation to a success conversations, and in my case, the career conversations I had with many of my clients.

I found a very interesting write up on why developing rapport is essential. From the Training Journal, it mentions that there are 4 elements for facilitative coaching:

  1. Perceived empathy
  2. Trust
  3. Belief
  4. A positivistic setting.

And, one (1) key item that a lot of newbies fail to do is to create “the contract”, basically laying down some basic expectations on what might transpire within the sessions.


The damning experience

These are top 5 experiences that I’d like to share in my several years of having to say “no” to friends who try to make me their unwilling participant:

  1. Do not be an a@@ h@@e for assuming that every single conversation will lead to a coaching moment.
  2. Sometimes, all one need is a simple chat, enjoy the teh tarik with some friends, and people watching.  However, once in a while someone might try to “test” their newfound knowledge by asking the “coaching” questions. You know it from 10 miles away because your friend does not usually talk like that…
  3. Peppering every single conversation by quoting your certification’s lessons and your trainer’s quotes.
  4. By believing that only what YOU have been certified is the ONLY God gospel in helping other people. There are many others who are doing wonderful work, work that works with their clients. I had a friend who told me that her certification is the ONLY recognized certificate in the world and started to dismiss the work of others.

Mental Health

Do you know that 1 in every 3 adults in Malaysia is struggling with mental health? *

Imagine there are 3 of you sitting in a room. The likeliest that one of YOU is suffering from this condition is so real that it is no longer a joke.

Mental health, just like it’s nasty friend, The Big C, robs you of time, family, productivity, and self.

Why am I on this topic today?  Interestingly, in my daily dealings with my clients who are looking for career management services, I met so many who need that extra support. To be exact, 5 of them within the past 2 months. Conditions like this, go unnoticed, and when it comes, it might be too late.

Due to experience, I may have picked up the signs and red flags, and have to make sure they are being supported medically to be productive again. Sometimes, I have to decline a job so the client can get better first. Without that support, there is only so much that a career coaching can do.

I am now looking to have a conversation with potential collaborators on mental wellness, preferably in the non profit or governmental space. DM me.

To your career success




Original post appeared in LinkedIn. 

3 phases of job search

That’s the total job search phases one will go through, #Haniesays

1) Phase 1, ideal phase – where there is no rush, still on holiday mode, cost of living is at optimum 6 months. Looking at all best/ideal job criteria, pays RM12 for morning latte

2) Phase 2, worrying phase – starts looking at job boards, talking to head hunters and friends, cost of living covers about 2-3 months. Striking out top 3 work values, pays RM6.50 for kopi

3) Phase 3, do or die – talks to everyone, have coffee at home.

Which phase are you at? Trust me, I have gone through all 3 phases.


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