Story telling in career conversations.

In my workshop, “Life Journey Options” participants will walk through their “journey options” via drawing, narrative and story telling. A highly interactive session, they will explore possibilities of what the future might hold for them.

For thousands of years, human beings have used drawing and story telling to share knowledge and tell stories of themselves or others. I find that in career conversations, they are able to relate their past experiences, identify possible actionable items, successes, articulate gaps, learnt lessons, potential derailers and the most important part – their career journey.

A powerful approach to an individual’s career management, I have used this to: 
1) re-positioning a C-Suite from his corporate life to now an entrepreneur (finding his passion after being MSS-sed)
2) identify possible symptoms of sitting on a dyslexia spectrum for a junior manager (he struggles with his job)
3) support job search of a client who has specific niche skills and experience in O&G (she landed a fantastic job with above market salary).

I only have limited five (5) slots between now to end of the month. Please DM me for a confidential discussion.

To your career success
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